Rhomé Busstra

rhomeRhomé Busstra is a Master's student of Applied Linguistics. She is currently doing an internship for Prof. Merel Keijzer, and is involved in several exciting research projects. As part of Mara's PhD project and Merel's Vidi project, she is helping with setting up a citizen science project that aims to get an insight into the language learning histories, as well as current language learning preferences, of older adults (65+). Moreover, as part of Saskia's PhD project, she is assisting Albert in teaching an English language course to older adults who are also learning English through an online English course. Excitingly, these projects are much in line with her MA thesis that was written last year, as her writing partner and she looked at cognitive and mental health benefits of learning a new language for older adults, and also set up and distributed a language learning history questionnaire as part of their project.



Prof. dr. Merel Keijzer

+31 50 36 37537

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