Merel Keijzer

Merel Keijzer

Professor of English Linguistics & ESL, lab PI

Merel Keijzer is a full professor of English Linguistics & English as a Second Language at the University of Groningen, where she also holds a position as a Rosalind Franklin Research Fellow. Her research interests span the learning and teaching of English as a second language across the lifespan, both in terms of teaching methods and language learning outcomes but also the cognitive effects that ensue from it. Her research is not only applied in the societal relevance it carries, but also in that it applies insights from an array of disciplines: linguistics, cognitive psychology, cognitive aging, neuroscience, medical sciences, and second and foreign language pedagogy. Merel Keijzer is also the former president of the Dutch Association for Applied Linguistics and is currently a board member of the national Young Academy (“De Jonge Akademie”) of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), where she is responsible for Interdisciplinarity.



Prof. dr. Merel Keijzer

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