FloorFloor van den Berg is a second-year research master student in the Linguistics department at the University of Groningen. For quite some time she has been interested in bilingualism, second language acquisition, and language processing, but recently she developed a strong interest in how foreign language learning in older adulthood can support healthy aging. Currently, she is setting up a project under the supervision of Prof. Merel Keijzer that investigates the short-term consequences of a brief but intensive online Spanish course on the cognitive flexibility of Dutch seniors, and which individual characteristics in cognition and language abilities predict language learning outcomes. She also examines early foreign language development by examining changes in brain activity in response to Spanish spoken words after approximately 10 hours of learning. The outcomes of this study can tell us more about the flexibility of the brain in older adulthood, may aid in tailoring language learning methods aimed at older adults, and have implications for healthy aging.


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