Beatriz Duarte Wirth

Beatriz Duarte Wirth

PhD candidate

Beatriz Duarte Wirth is a doctoral assistant at the University of Lausanne (UNIL). Her research interests focus on multilingualism, language development in adults, crosslinguistic interaction and language and migration. In 2017 she obtained a degree of Master of Arts in English Linguistics from UNIL. She wrote her MA thesis on language attitudes to the Swiss national languages and the migrant languages spoken in the Canton de Vaud, Switzerland. Her PhD project continues to explore multilingual communities, with a focus on heritage languages. Her research investigates whether speakers of typologically different languages, i.e., English and Portuguese, experience language attrition differently when immersed in a French-speaking context.



Prof. dr. Merel Keijzer

+31 50 36 37537

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